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The different approaches of our sexist society towards men's and women's hormones

Dear Mome Mariana, the Unique, Queen of the World,

Yesterday, after listening to this TED talk, "The good news about PMS" (in short: for 92% of women, their mood variation is more predictable from day of week than time of month), which among other things brought the tale of how our society paint women as emotionally unstable because of their hormones, I came to remember this piece of ancient news (I could not find a link) about how a vacuum tube computer operated by men would malfunctions when a women in mini-skirt entered the room—it was because of a raising in the temperature.

Then I came to realize that while men's susceptibility to sexual hormones is treated as natural, the women's susceptibility to their hormones is treated as if it was a weakness. Moreover, it seems to be considered that only women are influenced by their hormones, while men's sexual arousal, which is noting less than hormonal, seems to be more common, perhaps because in this society men's sexuality is cherished and therefore it would never be called 'hormonal' because is not considered as a problem.

If I am still talking about hormone related woman's behavior, despite having asserted that most women are not affected by PMS it is because I think that while PMS is the end of a spectrum, all human beings are affect by hormones. However, there is no studies about the hormone related men's behavior. Perhaps it is because most such behavior in men corresponds to sexual arousal, which leads to the conclusion that man are more susceptible to their hormones than women. And yet, it is only women's hormones that seem to be talked about. I wonder what is the end of spectrum of hormone related men's behavior—and can only think about criminal acts— which could be prevented if male hormonal imbalance were regularly assessed.

Sorry, realizing so much sexism so clearly, yet so overlooked, makes me feel a bit— uncomfortable.

Yours, faithfully

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