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Theogony 101

Dear Mome Mariana, the Unique, Queen of the World,

Health upon you!

I'd like to introduce to you some basics on the subject of theogony, which is the the pagan equivalent of monotheists' theology. While the latter discuss the nature and accidents of their only god they have to care about, we are so busy trying to cope with too many gods whose relationships and stories we have remember to seek knowledge about the nature of godness.

First of all, there is the law of parentage: a god must come from another god; this rule is not absolute altogether, or there would be a contradiction about how the first gods would have come into existence. To explain the origin of the first gods, there is the law of negative reversal, by which if something ordinary fails to happen, its opposite, which must be extraordinary, must happen. This is how the first gods came into being, in the void, while there couldn't be something ordinary as a god generate another. This not only explains why the first gods came into being without a generator, but explain why the following gods cannot appear in the same way: something quite ordinary as a god bringing forth another deters the extraordinary happening of a god springing out ex nihilo.

I happened to think about  the origin of the first gods when, in my first barbecue in the house of a Mensan, I was justifying to a smart child that Thor was a god for being the son of another god and he asked me where the first gods came from. At that time I answered that Bor,  Thor's grandfather, was conceived by a cow's liking a bloc of ice. By that time, I thought my answer was lame, albeit accurate. It was not so lame. For soot, a cow licking ice is quite extraordinary, which leads us to the following principle:
Ordinary happenings come after ordinary, rationally explainable, causes, while extraordinary things come after extraordinary causes.

Now I must explain why it's is so rare to presence extraordinary things nowadays—or ever, for when most extraordinary things happened there was almost nobody to see. My first though was so much ordinary things happen that so little are left not to happen. That does not follows (non sequitur), for the amount of things that do not exist surpass stratosphærically the amount of things that exist, therefore the amount of things that does not happen surpass ionosphærically the amount of things that happens. One cannot say that things that not happen are extraordinary, for they are far more usual than things that happen.

We must look for another cause, which is not in extraordinary things not happening but in us failing to see them. Look, seeing things is quite ordinary, whether those things are ordinary or not. Therefore, seeing something is something ordinary that happens, which negates the condition for something extraordinary to happen; therefore, from the failure of something extraordinary to happen, an ordinary thing happen in its place. In conclusion, extraordinary things are uncommon because of the abundance of eyes to see them, while the possibility of someone seeing them prevents theirs happening.

If I ever remember something general about theogony, I will impart to you, but I guess that everything more on that matter is god genealogy.

Your dutiful servant,

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