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Testimonial: Why I have become a Discordian

Dear Mome Mariana, the Unique, Queen of the Whole World,

I have already told you that your careless attitude of becoming a Discordian, which, in your own sacred words, was for not taking things seriously, makes you more apt to be a Discordian than me.
My own history is quite different, I had to read the whole of Principia Discordia... before deciding whether I would turn convert to Discordianism and whether it would be my main or secondary religion.
Before I becoming a Discordian priest, I used to take things very seriously, and the last consequences. I had been a dull Roman Catholic for 8 years. I would attend to mass every Sunday, and go to extents of arguing with my peers if one of them disrespected either Christianity in general or Roman Catholicism in particular. I held the Bible as valid just because it was the Bible. I even entertained the thought of becoming a Roman Catholic priest!
However during this whole time I was being unfaithful to myself and the others.
There is a phrase in Latin (I did not learn Latin to become a priest, if that is what you thought now!), which says "Qui bene olet male olet" - "He who uses much perfume, does so because he smells badly". While I showed myself as a devoted Christian, the idea of god as a nonexistent being seemed to me as completely rational. There is a time during childhood that people start to distinguish reality form legend, and I classified most of what the Bible said in the category of legend. First of all, "who would be present at the creation of the world, your world, of which you are the only queen, while it was being created and lately tell the history?" "How would anyone know when Jesus was born if by my mother's time birth certificates where not made at short notice, but years after, and when he was born it was much more time ago?" – I don't know if you care but for the Roman Catholic church, Dec. 25th. is a feast to celebrate Christ's birth, and is not his birthday, as it is never specified in the Bible . –
With this in mind, I was made – as it always with children, who are made do things – attend catechism, where I was confronted with the notion that some things in the Bible, especially in the Second Testament should be understood by it's face value. Some people even believed that everything on the Bible should be correct and important one way or another. This contradicted my childish, albeit precocious, notion of truth and reality, but, since I believed that it was me that was wrong, I tried my best to fit in. Remember, "qui bene olet male olet." While I posed as the most austere Christian, I must have been the one who believe in god the least.
The tale goes even longer, but it would be too much for a single message.
The conclusion is that I need Discordianism because it is a religion that I cannot take too serious, as most of things in life must not be taken as well.

Today is Setting Orange, the 4th day of Confusion in the YOLD 3180
Alexander I dell'A r Appia, IIPJ, Amordi, Oracle to Glycon

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