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Update on the Calendar: on 12 A, celebrate Women's Topple the Tsar Day

Dear Mome Mariana the Unique, &c.

Health upon you,
Last year while I was concluding this year's calendar, I decided to include 12th to Alexandrday as a celebration to coincide with International Women's Day. It was named as February Revolution Day, in a bow to its history.
That was mostly a statement towards people outside Alphism because the binary distinction between sexes, upon which such date is grounded, is not of much consideration in the Alphistic belief system. On the one hand, to Glycon, all humans are indistinguishable helpless and pathetic limbed creatures of the same sort; on the other, in a Discordian point of view, both sexes are just the ends of a spectrum that happen to be more common than its middle ranges.
Nonetheless, there is this statement to people outside Discordianism, and, while referencing a quite inspiring historical event, just calling the day February's Revolution does not pays justice to the efforts of Russian women, while recalling an accomplishment that is as past as settled in stone, and don't qualifies as a call to action.
Therefore, I am rebranding the celebration of 12 A as Women's Topple the Tsar Day, to remember everyone that no matter how powerful a figure may seem, their power is as constructed as it may be subject to deconstruction while recognizing the very people that inspire this thought.
With all my laugh,
Alexandr II dell'A  rAppia, Amordi, &c.
14 A/29 yCWC

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