sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2015

The nature and destiny of the soul

Dear Mome Mariana the Unique,

Health upon you.

I let some things unexplained about the nature of the soul. As I said to you, the soul is not innate, but must be developed.
As such the soul is like an impression of the mind of an individual that lies under any of their becomings.
Consequentially, there's no such a thing as a heaven because as much as the soul is not preëxistent, it must be perishable. Therefore, when someone dies, there's no æternal life, and the soul without the support of a body, falls in what could be appropriately called, _inferna_. There, the souls congregate according to their dispositions. The kind souls tend  to each other in what corresponds in figure to the Isles of the Blessed, whereas the mischievous souls go after each other to torment.
There they stand for some days, months, years perhaps, until fading away.
Thus is a conception of the soul that will not last longer than the body.

May you get everything your position shall grant you,
Alexandr dell'A rAppia, IIPJ, Amordi, &c.
21st. Ch./29

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