segunda-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2015

Creation of a Calendar

Dear Mome Mariana, the Unique, Queen of the World,

I hope you've been faring well,

This is the least one of this cycle of Glycon-related messages.

As I have discussed with you I am attempting to create a new calendar to suit better our religion (and our freakishness, above all). My main idea is to count the years backwards till the End of Western Civilization. As I told you, it will be less than 30 years from now, so we are in the year -30. Your insight on my miscalculations has been proved helpful. There would be need for a year zero, or the the numbering of years would not be right, unless we resort to say that the Western Civilization will end at year 1 (or I proceed to the trouble of reassigning the start of the year.) To that effect, the year zero will be called, "Year of the End of the Western Civilization."

I was thinking of coupling counting years backwards with counting days backwards. That was the custom among the Romans, who counted the days to next holiday. That may make things a little more complicated, so I want your opinion about that (but not in a hurry!). By example, today would be called, "day 31 to Bureauflux." To not make things more difficult, only the 5th and the 50th day of each season will be marks to count days against.

More important than the system for counting years and days, are the feasts.

So far, I've decided to celebrate the prophecy on Confusion 51 (July 16)

Besides the Discordian holidays, I want to include some Glyconian feasts. I don't have any idea for the dates yet, but it fits that they be 5. Glycon has told me what shall be the traditions for each of his holidays. On each of them he demanded sacrifice of 5 small children of the same countenance, in this fashion: first, fair-haired fair-skinned little children, then ones of the darkest shade of brown, then albinos, then OvaHimba or their lookalikes, and last, yellow (i.e. icteric) children. (Although I have told you that Glycon accepts limbed animals instead of small children, since we don't intend to actually sacrifice anybody, I will not care to elaborate on that.)

Besides Glycon feasts, I also want to have a feat in honor of Basilisk, another snake-god. My idea is to choose a date related to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The tradition to the Basiliskday will be sacrifice of cocks, all of them.

Don't feel shy of parting with me any idea you may have. I will use everything you say, even we I disagree with you.

In all my laugh,

–><–  Rev. Alexandṛ dell'A r Appia, Amordi, IIPJ, Oracle to Glycon  "Security is mostly a superstition.  It does not exist in nature... Life is   either a daring adventure or nothing."  -- Helen Keller  Today is Pungenday, the 19th day    of Bureaucracy in the YOLD 3180.   

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